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P. Diddy wears Dorothy Grant’s RAVEN TEASING FROG KIMONO on his birthday


HI my dearest friends,
I think of you as I write this today, and thought I’d update you.  I like your feedback as this will be a newsletter i send out soon, with some edits of course.  I dont show my vulnerable side to clients, here you see it as I am…..
Kindly let me know your thoughts.  I respect you all.
Dorothy Grant

November 5 was a day I will always remember. A text came on my phone from Damen Bell-Holter and he said is this your work? he sent me a picture of an Instagram post by P. Diddy AKA Sean combs, America’s most famous rapper. It was him wearing MY GARMENT titled RAVEN TEASING FROG kimono . . He wore it on his birthday and posted it that day.
Of course, I was ecstatic because I remember that garment was made in 1996. (  It was a time when my business ethics and even design skills were challenged.)and he had to have come in my store in Sinclair centre where he purchased it, and perhaps he was incognito like so many movie stars are when shopping, and my staff would not know it was him
So here is the real Blessing:
The effect of  his choosing this garment from his closet November 5 2018 jolted me out of the depression…. knowing that my work had sat in his closet for so many years and then here he is wearing my garment with pride and that my philosophy of YAAGUDAANG has emanated in parts of the world unknown to me like Pop culture. Perhaps he has worn it many times but this was the first time I had seen it.  (Hawaa, Damen Bell-Holter for recognizing it).
This comes at a time when Raven knew I needed to see this. For this I am grateful for all of the messages that the universe sends me. I shall continue as I always have over the past 35 years to challenge myself.

Welcome to Dorothy Grant

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