Killer-whale Shawl

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Dorothy Grant’s Shawl Collection

Woven Silk and Wool Shawl designed by Dorothy Grant



This shawl design, Killerwhale, is inspired by this majestic creature for its powerful presence. A large Killerwhale is in the center with several smaller ones around it.

It is a bold Haida form-line art design and light enough for summer wear but warm enough for an autumn evening. The borders are a cresting wave design, inspired by a traditional Haida basketry design.

The colours are:

Red, that’s popular Haida art colors
Blue, for the ocean


This Jacquard fabric is woven with Silk and Wool.


This shawl measures 72 in (Length) by 28 in (Width)


The history behind the art/legend

The Killerwhale in Haida legends represents power and boldness. He/she is the ruler of the underworld; he/she is our ancestor. The Haida People’s belief is in an after-life, as we may come back as Killer whales. 


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