Hands Shawl


Dorothy Grant’s Shawl Collection

Woven Silk and Wool Shawl designed by Dorothy Grant



This shawl design, Hands Logo, is inspired by the belief that the hands are connected to the mind and heart. The artist can communicate their work through their hands from the heart and soul.

The Hands logo repeats throughout all the shawl. It’s light enough for summer wear but warm enough for an autumn evening.

The colours are:

Red, that’s popular Haida art colors.
Charcoal as formal, conservative, and sophisticated.


This Jacquard fabric is woven with Silk and Wool.


This shawl measures 56 in (Length) by 56 in (Width)


The history behind the art/legend

The Hands in Haida legends represents creativity, healing, and communication. Thus, the artist communicates these attributes by working with their hands. They represent the creative spirit within.


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