Four Ravens Scarf


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Dorothy Grant’s Retro Scarves Collection


The Circular and Square Raven designs has a long history in Dorothy’s life. She
collaborated with Robert Davidson in making 2 dance robes in wool fabric and all hand
stitched appliqué. These works of art were danced at her fashion premier in 1989 by
Haida ceremonial dancers. In 1991 The blankets were also in “Land, Spirit, Power” at
the National Gallery of Canada, in a contemporary Canadian Native art show. A few
years later, the National Gallery purchased them for their permanent collection.
The artwork was copyrighted to Dorothy in 1996. She now feels Ravens must come out
of the closet and bring beauty to the world in the release of elegantly hand hemmed, silk
screened scarves. She has added ties to a corner to offer a new way to wear the scarf,
making it an accessory to complement any garment in your wardrobe.
The 7 Ravens is in two scarves, the circular design features 3 ravens and the square
design features 4 Ravens, thus the title 7 Ravens.

The colour is:



Silk charmeuse


This scarf measures 90 cm (Length) by 90 cm (Width)


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