Foam Woman Scarf


Dorothy Grant’s Vintage Scarves Collection


This silkscreened image comes from a legend which originates from Haida Gwaii. The
Haida have long believed that all life came from the ocean. “Foam Woman” is the
unforeseen power of that ocean, tossing in the waves and creating her foam to let her
presence be known. Traditional Haida colors red and black were chosen for one scarf,
with blue/green symbolizing the ocean on the other.
This design was made in 1989 in a collaboration with Robert Davidson on two wool
button robes with a hand stitched appliqué of the design. Dorothy later printed this
design in silk and fabric on scarves and garments which debuted in a 1989 fashion
show. Design copyright was transferred to Dorothy in 1996.
The seven ravens are combined in two scarves: the circular design “DG Three Ravens”
and the square design “DG Four Ravens” thus the title “Seven Ravens”.

The colour is:

Cream/Royal Blue/Green

Cream/Navy Blue/Red


50% Silk 50% Cotton


90cm(L) x 90cm(W)


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