Killerwhale Scarf

This scarf design, Killerwhale, is inspired by this majestic creature for its powerful presence.
It is a bold Haida form-line art design and feather-weight to touch, yet it is warm for any season. The borders are a cresting wave design, inspired by a traditional Haida basketry design.

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About this product

The history behind the art/legend

The Killer whale in Haida legends represents power and boldness. He/she is the ruler of the underworld; he/she is our ancestor. The Haida People’s belief is in an after-life, as we may come back as Killer whales.

Additional Information

The colors are:
Creme, Black and Red, that’s popular Haida art colors
Royal Blue for the ocean, 
Gray and black for the natural color of Killer-whale.
Woven with Silk and Modal Scarf.

This scarf measures 64 in (Length) by 25 in (Width)