DG Flap Bag

Dorothy Grant’s Bags Collection
DG Flap Bag, with Hands Logo designed by Dorothy Grant

DG Flap Bag, embossed with the Hands logo on the front and a long shoulder strap, is the perfect little bag for an evening out – no need to carry the big bag!

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About this product

The history behind the art/legend

The palms have human faces that represent creativity, healing, and communication. Thus, the artist communicates these attributes by working with their hands. They express the creative spirit within.
Dorothy Grant has trademarked this logo, which she uses on many of her branded products since 1990.

Additional Information

The colors are:
Black and Red.

Made of 100% leather.

This Flap Bag measures 7 in (Length), 2 in (Width), and 5 in (Height)