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Raven one shoulder dress and caplet

This one Shoulder dress is very fitted with lazar cut black...

Raven Short Kimono

This elegant silk Raven Comes full circle Kimono in cream,...
Raven Comes Full Circle

Raven Comes Full Circle Long Dress

This long dress is designed with a classic fitted bodice...
Raven Messenger Bag

Raven Messenger Bag

The unisex cross-body Raven Messenger Bag is the perfect...
Raven Cropped Linen Womens Jacket Turquoise

Raven Cropped Linen Jacket

This short elegant linen jacket features a Raven...
CAD$595.00 CAD$275.00

Ladies Raven Harbor Jacket

This new ladies casual jacket is part of the Red Raven...
CAD$275.00 CAD$206.00

Mens Eagle Harbor Jacket

The Eagle Harbor jacket is made of  super high twist...
CAD$275.00 CAD$206.00


Great for handsfree shopping or when traveling thru a busy...
CAD$280.00 CAD$150.00

Ladies Raven Fleece Jacket

A Red Raven label jacket, the "Raven fleece jacket is made...
CAD$175.00 CAD$140.00

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