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Awards & Accomplishments

2019 McCord Museum Montreal Quebec, Haida, supernatural Stories.
2019 Schingoethe Center of Aurora University, Aurora Il.
2019 Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Hearts of Our People
2018 Haida Now, Vancouver Museum, Vancouver BC
2016 Portland Art Museum, Native Fashion Now
2015 Native Fashion Now, Peabody Museum, Boston Ma.
2010-2019 Santa Fe Indian Market juried Art Market
2010 – Vancouver House Winter Olympics – Showcase of Best Green businesses
2006 Raven Traveling Show, Group contemporary show and artifact Vancouver Art Gallery
2005 Totems to Turquoise – Natural History Museum New York NY
2005 Kellogg Foundation Fashion show, S. African & Native American designers, Santa Fe
2005 Poeh Museum Grand opening, group designer fashion show, Santa Fe, NM
2004 Nexus Fashion Show, Aboriginal World Trade Conference, Vancouver BC
2004 First American Art Festival, Grand Opening of Natl. Museum of American Indian
1999 Team Canada, Japan, select Business by Prime Minister’s office
1998 Seattle Art Museum, one year, solo display at Northwest Coast Gallery, Seattle Wa.
1997 Treasures in the Sun, Canadian Native Arts Festival, Scottsdale AZ
1995 National Museum of American Indian NYC, George Gustav Heye, Group show
1994 Sinclair Center, Dorothy Grant Boutique Opens, Vancouver BC
1993 Winds of Change Award Show at the Canadian Embassy, Paris France
1991 Land, Spirit, Power – National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, ON
1991 Panache – 200 years of the Fashionable Woman, Vancouver Museum
1990 Haida Ritual Art: the Insistent Present, Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1990 Same collection shown in the Village of Skidegate, BC to her people, with Haida elders and youth as models
1989 National premiere of 55 piece collection, Hotel Vancouver
1988 Derek Simpkin Gallery of Tribal Art, Vancouver, BC

Museum Collections

2019 Schingoethe Center of Aurora University Museum Raven Gala Dress
2018 Tacoma Museum Of Glass, Male Tunic and Cape with the skirt for Preston Singletary’s” Raven and the Box of Daylight Exhibit
2017 National Museum Of American Indian, Haida Wedding dress and Eagle Gala Dress
2014 Haida Gwaii Museum, Feastwear original Eagle Bolero and T- Circle Skirt
2011 Denver Fine museum, Hummingbird panel dress, a permanent collection
2007 Liverpool World Museum UK, Raven Button Robe, and two original 1989 Feastwear items
2005 Natural History Museum NYC Raven Chilkat Robe, Purchase for collection
2004  Seattle Art Commission, Seattle, WA – Seven Ravens commissioned for the Mayor’s office
2001 Burke Museum, Seattle, WA – Shark Blanket – Dorothy’s dance blanket retired to the museum collection. Margaret Blackman donated the Nonnie Coat to the Burke Museum 
2000 Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA – Raven Great Coat – one-year exhibition case,
later purchased for their permanent collection
1995 National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, ON – Seven Ravens Robes from Land, Spirit, Power
1995 Royal British Museum, Victoria BC T-form 3 piece suit
1994 UBC Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver, BC – Raven Great Coat – permanent collection
1992 Deyonge Museum, San Francisco, CA – Supernatural Frog Button Robe
1991 Vancouver Museum, Vancouver, BC – Raven Cape
1990 Canadian Museum of History, Hull, QC – Raven Creation Tunic and Hummingbird Copper Panel Dress included in their permanent collection
1990 Canadian Museum of History, Hull, QC – Raven Takes the World Button Robe

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